How often you should service your gas appliances?

Be sure to get all gas appliances in your home serviced regularly. Gas appliance retailers advise doing this at least every year to two years. It is just like owning a your car that you get serviced every year it makes certain that they are safe, efficient and working at their full capacity.

Once the appliance has been serviced and is safe to use, your gas fitter will supply you with a gas safety certificate to file safely. A natural gas appliance usually runs at about one third of the price of an equivalent electrical appliance. Not only that, but gas appliances are built to last and generally have a longer lifespan than other alternatives if you keen them maintained.

what to look out for

If the flames on your stove or water heater are burning yellow instead of blue, then there is too much oxygen in the mix and your appliance may be getting blocked. Or if your appliance is very noisy when you are using with the flames lifting off the burners theses are all signs you need a service. Regular servicing of gas appliances will ensure that your units are connected properly and are free of leaks, corrosion, oxidisation and other debris that can build up and cause problems.

Use only an authorised gas fitter to carry out the work. It’s illegal (and dangerous) for anyone else to do it and you could also invalidate your home insurance.